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    At Educators Mania we know that education is not just about information. It is about life of a person. We believe in world class education and education for all slogans. We believe that the education should be affordable and should be spread all over the. By using educators mania you may learn any subject any language from world renowned teachers from all over the world. Learn from their lectures absolutly free or select a teacher for your own class.

    What we provide?
    At educators Mania we provide world class education. We have thousands of best teachers from all over the world. We appoint teachers after making sure that they are highly qualified in their fields. If you can't afford that much fee you are free to watch our online lectures and read our notes and books for free.

    Why Educators Mania?
    We are providing every facility regarding the education. It may be regarding online lectures, notes and books as well as online teachers, Home Tutors or Teachers for your institute. Educators mania is a world class educational portal.

    Where we are?
    We are all over the world. Our main office is in Saudi Arabia and spreading our work all over the world.

    Support Educators Mania.
    We would aprecciate your support. Support us, so that, we may improve our educational quality. You may support us by checking our ads, by selecting our teachers for online or home tuitions or by donating via currency transfer.

    Address:550, Al Jenadriyah Rd, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Secondary Address:Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan